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A Women keeping Durian farm Bitten by an Orangutan

FREELINENEWS.COM – A 23-year-old woman named Jasmani, who lives in the village of Lelis, Serbajadi District, Aceh Timur Regency, Aceh, Indonesia, was reportedly bitten by an orangutan while trying to guard her durian garden in her village area. As a result, the woman’s face suffered severe injuries and had to be treated at a regional hospital.

Information obtained by Freelinenews, the incident began when Jasmani on Sunday (24/2) at around 8:00 am, went from his home to his durian garden not far from the village, to guard his durian farm which was fruiting.

“When she arrived at his garden, Jasmani saw the orangutan eating his durian. Upset, then He drove out orangutans by throwing orangutans with stones, “East Aceh Police Chief, AKBP Wahyu Kuncoro, said through the Chief of Police in the AKP Ahmad Yani, to

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AKP Ahmad Yani continued, because the victim only went alone in the garden, the orangutan in the tree went down and immediately chased the victim so the woman was bitten by the orangutan on her nose and mouth.

“The woman shouted for help, other residents who heard a scream for help, then came to the durian farm, to help the woman in pain. While orangutans who bite the victims just run into the forest, “said Ahmad Yani.

As a result of the bite of the orangutan, the woman who worked as a farmer suffered critical injuries to her nose and mouth. Now she is in hospital and she got still being treated intensively. (*)

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